A Second Chance

“A Second Chance”Desktop1

I am Wilfredo Florendo.But people calls me “Jun Jun” short for junior, coz i’m the youngest in our family. There is a special girl in my life her name is “Joy”. She’s nice, pretty and a very simple time of girl. I met her because her friend is actually my friend too.We get talk and we’re getting closer and closer.We have similarities like being kalog, funny in short she’s happy to be with. One day we confess each others feelings. I told her i like her.And she told me she likes me too. So that’s the start of our story. A relationship lasts for 10 years.. 10 years of away bati , away bati. That is normally happening in a relationship. With that away bati between us. My attention goes to another girl.I got fall in love with this girl.I don’t know what happen to me but i forget that she’s still there.and were still in a relationship. I broke her heart.She slap my face and she walks out crying.. I know by myself that i did her wrong.. It was my mistake that i hurt her..It feels like i’m out of my mind and i didn’t know what i am doing. Shiittt…i told myself. A months after, I found out that my current girlfriend is just using me.Just to get jelaous her X.The saddest thing is she lied to me.Without knowing . “Sobrang Tanga Ko” i yelled ! I realized that the one who really loves me unconditionally is gone. I have no more news about joy but i told myself that if we meet again i will ask her for her forgiveness. After my break up with “may”, a year after while i’m on the road streets.Accidentally i saw joy. She’s prettier than before.She says “kumusta kana ?” I replied “Ok lang ako ikaw??? Instead of talking in roads streets .. i ask her to have lunch together. She never fails me.So we talk for hours.We talk anything and everything about us after what happens to our break up. I ask her a very deep question that really sweat me a lot .I ask her if she’s already married.And she laugh at me first, She answered “Boyfriend nga wala, Asawa pa kaya ?” I thought your married. Because we don’t talk anymore after what happen to us.I told her.But she said “Hindi ah, nag focus nalang muna ako sa ibang bagay.Tinigil ko muna ang lovelife” she said. While staring at her beautiful eyes.Her phone rings.And she told me she needs to go. Before letting her go, I ask her to have some another lunch with her again soon. And she said “Sige Ba” . I ask her phone number and she gave it to me. She told me i’ll just call her if i want to have another lunch with her. I feel like i’m the happiest man on earth after talking with her. My heart beats so fast and i really feel so glad that i saw her again. While i’m on my room.I saved joy’s number. And i texted her with this.”Hi joy good morning! Si jun jun pala to”. She replied so fast “oh kumusta ikaw pala to, ok lang ako.how are you? ” I replied her” Joy, aaminin ko na sayo alam mo ba ang saya ko nung makita kita ulit? Ayoko dayain sarili ko…na sabihing mahal parin kita hanggang ngayon.Sana pagbigyan mo pa ko ulit ng isa pang pagkakataon na patunayan saying nagsisisi nako sa ginawa ko sayo at napatunayan kung ikaw talaga yung babaeng mahal ko.Please pagbigyan mo pa ulit ako joy.Mahal na mahal parin kita @ hindi nawala yon sa puso ko.” She just replied “Same time, same place tomorrow ! ” In the day has come, we meet again, while she’s in front of me her tears fall down.She looks at me in my eyes saying this ” sa totoo lang mahal din kita at mahal parin kita jun. Siguro pag subok lang yung dumating satin nun pero nagpatalo agad tayo.Kaya ganun ang nangyari satin nun ” she said. I replied ” pwede ba nating ibalik ulit king bibigyan mo pa ulit ako ng isa pang pagkakataon/ A second chance? ” I told her And she said “Yes!” Were both crying.. tears of joy ! I feel like i’m the luckiest guy on earth. I decided to marry her ! Last year we get married. And now she’s pregnant she will deliver a baby boy soon. They are the reason now why im living.My wife and our incoming baby.


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