Behind about Me!

Behind about Me!


I was raised by mother alone.  She decided to work abroad to earn and to give me a better life. I was 4 years old when my mother left me. She left me  to  my grandparents  to watch over me while, she’s not around. Mothers job in abroad is a domestic helper. She works  there for 6 years . It’s not that easy to her to left me, but she needs to do it co’z it’s for my own good. That time, there were no cellphones or social medias to call and to check my condition while she’s not here beside me.

After a long year, mother went back here in the Philippines. But she didn’t go back to abroad. Her plan that time is to put up a business  so she couldn’t be far with me again. But one time, she  was surprised when a guy was looking for her. I was also been thinking ( who’s that guy looking for my mother? ). I thought it was my biological father, but it wasn’t him. It was my mothers boyfriend in abroad.

And they get married, and they were blessed with 4 children all girls. So I have 4 siblings namely:  get-get,  shin-shin, doy, & alyn .All in all mother have 4  beautiful  marias.

Since I was the eldest in our family, after graduating my secondary year I just took up a vocational course and it lasts for only 6 months. I took up  a care-giving course. After that, I look for a job to help my siblings for their needs too. Especially in school. But I lasts only for 3 months. It was my first experienced. I work as a saleslady. And then I find again an another job, and fortunately after a couple of weeks of waiting, I was hire as a service crew in a restaurant. It lasts for 1 year. I became a regular employee there. But because of small salary, I decided  to leave my job. I am planning to work abroad that time. Unfortunately, because of my age because I was 19 years of age, I wasn’t been given a  chance to fly.  They told me that I am too young to work abroad.

And so after,I decided again to find a job here in Philippines. I was hired as a promo dizer in a mall. Because of those experiences, I was thinking, that even If I work and work it’s still not enough to me and my family. And I thought maybe it’s because of my educational attainment. If I want to have a better job and a better salary as well, I must try to enroll again and went  back to school.  I told my parents, I want to go back to school and take for a 4 year course. So that it’s easy for me to find a job, and help them too.

And mother told me, it’s up to me, they’ll just help me for as long as they can. I understand how hard it is to my parents to tell them that thing, so what I did in order to help them, I look for an scholarship to less  some of my billings in school.

As of now, I  am  currently a 3rd year college in PSU Alaminos City Campus,and taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology . 1 more year to go ! I am a degree holder. And I know by myself that I could  find a better job too. I can say that , “It’s never  too late”, age is not a problem,life status is not a problem. There’s so many ways  if you really have goal in life, and  if you want to reach it, just stay positive and never give up on your dreams . Make your family as your inspiration and motivation of doing all those things and most especially, never forget  to pray to god and asks for his guidance everyday.


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