Dreams of Mine

Do you have dreams in your life?What are does?


First i defined what is dream in Merriam Webster dictionary and and I found out that Dream is something that you have wanted to do,be,or have for a long time. Every person have a dream. Every person have there own dreams in life some of them is to become teacher,nurse,doctor,engineer,bishop,manager on a famous company,multimillionaire,president,mayor in own town, policeman,governor,seaman, or simply have a reposeful life together with the family.

And some are to have their own cars,big house, new clothes,jewelries, one set of instruments,tour around the world, to graduate on a degree course taken, to find a woman/man that can fulfill their needs, to be a successful businessman,to have what all they want in their life and many others. We have all many dreams in life.As they say “Dream and dream as you can but never let your dream becomes only a dreams” .Life is so difficult now a days if you don’t have money its hard to move and buy something we need. It’s going to take some time but it will happen in right time. Stay strong and focus on what you have now because nothing is permanent in the world.We have dreams that we don’t know if it will happen or it will remain dreams in our imagination. There are person which they sacrifice for the good of their family because they want to fulfill the needs of their life.

Mostly people now a days go in the other country for them to work. And for them to supply what they wants in their life.Like for example are the OFW in the other country. They have so many dreams in their family so that they work on abroad to earn many money. I admire people who sacrifice to work even though they will apart to their family.

If you will ask me, I have so many dreams in life.On my very young age my dream before is when I grow up i want to become a nurse someday. That is my ambition when I graduated in elementary school. But when I grown up now i like to become an IT expert.

I have a lot of dreams in life first for my family, my dream for them is to give them reposeful life, to help my mother in the finances of schooling of my brother and sister because my father is already passed away 5 years ago, to finished the house that my father left, to prosper the business of my mother had now, and many more.

And to my sister and brother that they may finish their studies, may have them a reposeful life, may have them their own family that will love them, may have them of whatever they needs, and many more.

I have so many dreams and hopes for myself and I want to work hard to make them happen. My dreams is to graduate in my course taken, to have a stable work after I graduated,have a own cars, houses, own businesses, have my own happy family, have a three kids in the future,to marry in church,have a God fearing husband in a future,have same faith as i had,loving,understandable,caring,doesn’t leave me,doesn’t do things that will hurt me and many more , have new clothes,jewelries, shoes, to play guitar in our church, I want to travel all around the together with my love one and my family, to have a own business, to watch a live concert of Planet shakers,to serve God in my whole life at the same time in my future family and many more.


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