This is Reuben, his nickname is.bentong he has a heart failure. His family belongs to less fortunate people in their barangay. His father’s work is a fisherman he only income 200-300 pesos per day that is not enough to their family.His mother’s work is only selling a “kakanin” like bibingka, beche beche, mani, patupat and so.much more. Himother’srs income is only 200 a day also still not enough for their daily needs.

They are 9 in their family, bentong is the 2nd to the youngest to their family. He’s in grade 4 right now. He has can sing and dance inspite of his condition.
Aside from that he is also a honor pupil in their class. He’s favorite subject is mathematics.He can also speak english just like other normal kid there.

I ask this kid before if what is his ambition soon. He answered me that he wants to be a public servant.So i ask him again what does he mean.He said hw wants to be an army or a policeman. He said that he wants either of that 2 because nowadays there are lots of crime and that is happening like rape, holdup, killings, snatching and many more. He’s angry with people who did wrong to other people and who do not know how to respect others.

I was so sorry for everything that he said. Because he’s a kid with a big dream.His family cannot sustain all his needs especially his medicine. Aside from him, sometimes they there is a time that they have nothing to eat.They belong to the 4ps it is a program from the government that will help people like them .But aside from his parents, still not enough.Because they’re all 9 in the family.

There house is so simple and very small .For a very big family like them it is really very hard.This kid says that if he’s hungry and they have nothing to eat he will just drink a coffee that will satisfy his hunger. Due to their situation it is really so sad for him for being on that situation.This kid is a dreamer.He has a very big dream not only for him but for his family as well.He wants to help his family to give them a progressive life.He said that “God is with me” he knows that god will never leave him alone.Instead it will blessed him more.


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