Second Family

“JCSGO FAMILY”        

         I am blessed of having a second family “the JCSGO FAMILY” do you knowwho they are of course you dont know let me introduce them, our  Pastor in our main church in Alaminos City,Pangasinan Pastor Alvin Edrosolam and his wife he is the one who always teach Gospel in our church,the other in different Outreach Pastors are Pastor Joseph Cardinas and his wife,Pastor Randy Bainto and his wife,Pastor Boy and his wife and our youth leader and soon to be Pastora is Dorothy Joyce Bainto, the music team; our drummer Raquel Joy, gutarist Keith Ethan and Chester, Song Leaders Nicole,Allison,Esther,Raquel again,Dancers Praisha, Shane, Niahm Nicole,Uriah,Matthew,Ezekiel and also me, our former Directora Filipina but sad to say she is past away and many others.

       Thankful to have them you know why? because they are the instruments that God use to give me more strength of my spiritual life when i’m down and everything is apart. And they are who helped me to be near to God. Thanks God for giving me a chance to serve Him, because of Him I have a good life and everything is under his control.

I’m thankful to become part of this family because if they are nothing I don’t know what is my spiritual life. And also i don’t know what are the good and bad doing in sight of God. My best buddy in our church is Niamh Nicole,the things about me that i don’t share to others I share to her.And i want you to know that she has a twin sister Allison Kate. I’m glad that they are one of my twin friends. I’m amaze of them because they are simply but talented,they can sing,dance,play instruments.And how great is God that he never give us trial in our life we can not solve.Then for God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.
We must thank God for saving us to death he offer his life to save to pay our sin.because without God we are nothing we don’t have of what had now. And thankful also to the persons around us. My second family has give a big impact in my lives, they mold my personality a shy type girl like me can share now a word of God in many people and then through the Gospel of God i learned a lot.


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