“Forever Is Real”


Many people say that “Forever” is not true. Maybe they could say this thing because of their past experiences with their love ones. I myself i admit that sometimes i could also say that it is not really true. But if we think of it, we as an individual is the ones who will make our own journey of life. We will be the driver of everything that will cross our path to those things we wanted to do in life. I am very thankful to almighty God for giving my grandparents a long life. My grandfather is 78 years old. While my grandmother’s age is 74. Yeah, if we think of it they’re so blessed for that they came of to that age. And they’re both still healthy. I could say that, my grandparents story is an example of “Forever”.

They were married for 55 years. They were blessed with 6 childrens. Five boys and only girl. And that only girl is my mother. Based on their story, before my grandfather has a lots of girls. So their relationship is like a roller coaster. They’ve encountered upside downs together.

         They’ve encountered difficulties and hindrances in life as a couple. My grandfather’s attitude had changed.Because he found out that my grandmother is different compared to other girls. My grandmother is such a loving, caring, and very understanding. He forgive my grandfather for all that he did for her emotionally. Because he love my grandfather so much even though. That was the thing that my grandfather had changed him a lot. Because he was so blessed for having my grandmother in his life, as a wife, and as a mother of their children.
They are just an example of a million of people in this world as a couple with forever. They are a good example to all other couples to prove that forever is really true.

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