This guy name is sonny. He is 41 years old. He is the 2nd youngest to their family. For now, he is the breadwinner to their family. Because he’s the only one who haven’t yet his own family.
He helps his parents through fishing because they live behind the sea. He catch some fish such like milkfish poormanfish and many other kinds of fishes. He also get some seashells such like oysters and sea urchins. He sell it all to nanay conching a fish vendor in their place.He also plant vegetables in their backyard such like, eggplant, beans, squash, bitterfruit, kamote, tomatoes, and many other green leafy vegetables. His mother is 75 years old and because of being old, his mother has a lot of sickness such like hypertension. Sonny also buy medicine for his mother. A maintenance for his mother’s being hypertensive. Sonny is not a selfish guy. During harvest time of vegetables, he gave some to their neighborhood. That really makes happy to them.They said that they are very thankful to sonny, because instead of buying something for their viance, what sonny gave to them is really very helpful. Otherwise, they will keep it for their childrens additional allowance.

Sonny is really a nice guy, helpful, loving and caring to his family. He doesn’t only think for his self. He will do anything and everything just to provide all his family’s needs. It may not be a financial help but atleast you can see he’s dedication to his work and how he really care for his family. Even in just small things, this could be serve as a big thing and big help.for his parents needs. This guy is really a good example to others. Because it shows his love, caring, and being reliable to his parents.


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